Preparedness for Mass Casualties in the US
Are You Ready?
Leading US hospitals and first responders reach out to ICEP
"Excellent...the best I've ever attended...we've got a lot to learn"
Customized education, training, on-site drills and consulting
Who Can Benefit?
Physicians, nurses, EMS, mental health and administrative staff
Departments of Health, emergency and security directores
Police and fire departments, military, FBI, FEMA
Be Proactive and Save Lives
Event-specific plans for allocating scarce medical care resources
Create strategies for health and medical leadership during an MCI
Flexible Triage protocols to match the growing size of an MCI
The Israeli Experience
Conventional and non-conventional attacks and disasters
Organizational challenges and security issues during an MCI
Support systems, infrastructure, community preparedness
HRSA and ODP reimbursement: Please check with your organization’s emergency manager or contact us at

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