Homeland Security - Leadership Training
Law Enforcement and Homeland Security Leadership
Terrorism and Mass Casualty Incidents
The Israeli Experience
The Program

This invitational event is designed for the leadership ranks of law enforcement, homeland security, public emergency planners and other first responders. Offering an experience-based curriculum, this unique program draws on the proven track record of the Israeli police, military and anti-terrorism agencies. Our educational goal is to assist U.S. first responders in improving their local/regional capabilities and overall preparedness for a major terrorist attack or an MCI.

The Faculty

ICEP presents an interdisciplinary team of veterans from the senior leadership ranks of Israel’s police, security forces and the public health system. The nation's subject matter experts will share their long personal experience in responding to terrorism and explore the key ingredients for a successful approach to preparedness and emergency management.

The Agenda

A compelling, content-rich agenda will foster strategic learning of Israel’s best-practices and preparedness models. Subjects include case studies and lessons learned from suicide bombings and Mass Casualty Incidents, strategy and tactics in responding to terrorist attacks, scene management, airports and seaports security, field trips, demonstrations, table-top drills and panel discussions.

Information and Registration
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