Seminars and Training Programs
Deeper insights: From Strategy to Change
On-Site Education: Emergency Management of Mass Casualties
In-house and regional training with attractive collaboration models
Hospital Preparedness for MCI's - Training in Israel
Emergency Management - hospitals and public health
Hospital EP For Mass Casualties
Learn from the latest models of Israeli hospitals
First Responders and Suicide Bombing
Enhance your capacity to respond and recover
Disaster Mental Health for Responders: Principles and Issues
Supporting patients, families and hospital staff in the aftermath of an MCI
Managing the Traumatic Stress of Terrorism
lessons at the organizational level and at the intervention level
Suicide Bombings: Only a Matter of Time?
Benefit from the Israeli experience
The Leadership Workshop
Hospitals and EMS: Hands-on MCI management
Law Enforcement Leadership Preparedness - Tel Aviv
Preparedness for Terrorism and Mass Casualties

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