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The Jacobi Medical Center Symposium on Emergency Management and Preparedness for Mass Casualty Incidents - The Israeli Experience
Post Conference Material

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  • Bio Cases in ED - Dr. Goren, PDF 1.3M
  • Dirty Bombs and Radiation - Professor Donchin, PDF 2.8M
  • EP for Toxicological Event - Dr Goren, PDF 873k
  • Family Information Center - Dr. Goren, PDF 1.4M
  • Hospital MCI Preparedness - Dr. Halper, PDF 2.2M
  • Information Management in MCI - Dr. Halpern, PDF 5M
  • Jacobi, 12-01 Agenda, PDF 37k
  • Jacobi, 12-01 Speakers, PDF 21k
  • MCI Stats 2004 - Dr. Goren, PDF 1.4M
  • Organophosphate Card, PDF 114K
  • Paper-Kluger-MCI Lessons, PDF 135k
  • Paper-Shreiber-Gulf War 2 Preparations, PDF 141k
  • The Ivry Conference Article, PDF 18k
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