The Curriculum of The Tel Aviv Seminar
The Israeli Experience with MCI's
Learn first-hand how Israeli hospitals, EMS, police, military and public health system have prepared for and responded to MCI’s. Participate in simulation exercises and integrated drills to discover what has worked and why. Assess Israel's national methodologies which have evolved during decades of terrorism. Network with your colleagues and share new insights and ideas with renowned international experts.

Ambulance bay at Tel Aviv Sourasky ED.
The building on the left houses security, emergency equipment, and the wet decontamination area; it also serves as a protection for the ED from bomb blasts.
The 3-cm steel doors to the entrance of the ED at Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center can provide a hermetic lockdown. The ED can function as a self-contained unit for 24 hours in case of biochemical attacks.
Contact us for a detailed agenda. Topics include :
Simulation based medical training and its use in chemical warfare training
Terrorism: Conventional and NBC events
Statistics and lessons learned from terror attacks in Israel
National aspects of MCI preparedness
Nuclear and Radiation Preparedness
Bioterrorism response
Protocols for Bioterrorism incident (Smallpox, Anthrax) and team protection
• Chemical event preparedness in hospital and at the community
Bioterrorism Event: Infrastructure of health services and medical protocols
• Infrastructure requirements for an MCI and community preparedness
Surge capacity: Beds, staffing, expansion of the ICU
Staff allocation, training and deployment including nursing and medical team
• The differences between trauma and MCI patients
• Treatment principles and blast injuries
Decision making and role playing
• Simulated drills, MCI scenarios and table-top exercises
• Public order and security
• Evacuation of patients from ER and patient flow
• Principles of triage in MCI
• Conventional and toxicological event management
• Evidentiary issues, forensic medicine and legal aspects of MCI
• The clinical lessons learned from Israeli MCI's: Specific medical challenges
• Family information center and the role of the social worker in the aftermath
• Information management, public relations and the press
• Communication system in MCI and Social Services
• PTSD and psychological effects on staff and population

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